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VL RING CROWN 3-5-7 | Vilhelm Lauritzen

VL RING CROWN 3-5-7 | Vilhelm Lauritzen

The pendant emits light directed primarily downwards. The opal glass provides a comfortable and uniform illumination of the area around the fixture.


Please note that the brass surfaces are untreated. This means that the surface will change over time and develop a patina. The total weight of the fixtures are calculated with the average weight of the glass (671g). They vary from approx. 600-800g.


Shades: Mouth-blown, 3-layered, opal glass. Wires: Stainless steel. Frame and canopy in untreated brass, will patinate.

Light source

Light source 5x40W E27


Suspension type: Cable 3 x 0,75 mm² with wires. Untreated, brass canopy. 4 m. White, textile cord.


Glossy, mouthblown white opal glass. Satin polished brass, untreated.

Sizes and weights

Width x Height x Length (mm)

690 x 233 x 690 Max 7.5 kg

550 x 233 x 550 Max 5.2 kg

893 x 233 x 893 Max 9.9 kg


Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection I w. Ground.




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