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VL45 RADIOHUS PENDANT | Vilhelm Lauritzen

VL45 RADIOHUS PENDANT | Vilhelm Lauritzen

The fixture provides uniform, general and diffuse illumination. The opening at the bottom of the glass produces downwards directed light. The quality of the glass ensures that the fixture is evenly lit.


Please note that the brass surfaces are untreated. This means that the surface will change over


Shade: Mouth-blown polished white opal glass. Pendant fitting: Untreated brushed brass, will patinate.

Light source

Light source 1x100W E27


Cable Ø 175/Ø 250: 3x0,75mm². Ø 370 (E27): 3x1mm². Ø 370 (LED): 2x0,75mm² & Wire. Canopy: Yes. LED canopy contains driver. Cable length: E27: 4.4m. LED: 4m.

Sizes and weights

Width x Height x Length (mm)

370 x 448 x 370 Max 5.2 kg

250 x 328 x 250 Max 2.0 kg

175 x 246 x 175 Max 1.3 kg


Glossy white opal glass. Brushed brass, untreated.


VL45-250-370 Pendant.jpg


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