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SAHRAI CT | Christophe Pillet 

SQUARE | Christophe Pillet

SQUARE 100 | FG 465.54

SQUARE 140 | FG 465.56

Set of side tables with steel lacquered tubolar base and marble or concrete effect top.

SQUARE 34/24 | FG 465.50 - FG 465.51

The Square range includes a coffee table, armchair, lounge chair, stool, and sofa. The four unobtrusive metallic legs are the common thread that brings together and distinguishes the various different items in the collection, at the same time also giving an airy feel to the design.

Square 34/24 is a set of front or side sofa accent tables with a lacquered tubular steel frame and brushed aluminum ferrules. The top is available in two versions: Lacquered MDF with a manual finish in cement composite, in the colours from our collection, or in a choice of marbles from our collection.

SQUARE 52/42 | FG 465.52 - FG 465.53

Boxy and simple, the Square collection has a pure, even basic, design, embellished by the materials, upholstery, and finishings. This range, with its magisterial elegance, includes an armchair, stool, coffee tables, sofa, and a lounge chair.

The Square 52/42 set, including two sofa end tables, is part of the Square collection. The top comes in either lacquered MDF with manual finish in cement composite, available in the shades from our collection, or in a choice of marbles from our collection. The base and the legs are in lacquered tubular steel with brushed aluminum ferrules at the bottom.


SQUARE 100.png
SQUARE 140.png
SQUARE 45.png
SQUARE 34.png
SQUARE 52.png


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