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PRIVE' | Christophe Pillet

PRIVE' | Christophe Pillet

PRIVE' A | FG 478.01

PRIVE' B | FG 478.00

Inspired by 1960s design, with quality materials and contemporary lines. Privé is a range of storage furniture – two low and one high – which has attention to detail as its stylistic feature. The walnut used for the box, the glass for the shelves, the metal legs with aluminum ferrules, and the leather on the top and the accessories are crafted with care and expertise, creating subtle lines, flawless stitching, and 45° borders.

The Privé A low cupboard, part of the collection with the same name, is the model with two doors and a central étagère. The base is in lacquered tubular steel with brushed aluminum ferrules. The box and the door panels are made of chipboard panels, covered with a walnut veneer. The inside has thin shelves in extra-clear tempered glass. The surface of the storage unit can be customized and adorned with leathers from our collection.

The Privé B is a low cupboard with doors and drawers. It has a structure made from woodchip panels covered with a walnut veneer, with the option of adding any of the leathers from our collection to the top. The cupboards have extra-clear tempered glass shelves inside. The base is made of tubular lacquered steel, to which brushed aluminium ferrules have been added.




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