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PH ARTICHOKE | Poul Henningsen

PH ARTICHOKE | Poul Henningsen

The pendant illuminates any space with a 100% glare-free light due to the 72 leaves, which form 12 precisely positioned rows that hold six leaves each. The fixture ensures the light is distributed inwards as well as outwards, thereby emitting beautiful and comfortable light. Moreover, the high quality of light is maintained in the energy-efficient LED variant that creates the same renowned atmosphere around the pendant.


Suspension type: E27: Cable 3 x 0,75mm² & wire. Canopy: Yes. Ø480 LED: Cable 2 x 75mm² and wire. Canopy: Yes. LED canopy contains the driver. Ø600/720/840 LED: Cable 2 x 1 mm² and wire. Canopy: Yes. Canopy or external driver box contains driver. Maximum distance between external driver box and fixture: 20m. Cable length: 4m.


Copper, satin polished and coated with rose, wet painted inner side. Brass, copper, or stainless steel, brushed and coated. White, wet painted. Polished stainless steel. Black, powder-coated with white, wet painted inner side.


Leaves: Laser cut brass, copper, stainless steel, or steel. Top shade: White or black, spun steel, white on the bottom. Frame: High luster chrome plated, laser-cut steel. Suspension: High luster chrome plated, spun aluminum.


Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection I w. ground.

Light source

Light source LED 3000K 96W 
Lumen: 3152


Sizes and weights

Width x Height x Length (mm)

720 x 650 x 720 Max 20.5 kg

480 x 465 x 480 Max 9.6 kg

600 x 580 x 600 Max 18.3 kg

840 x 720 x 840 Max 27.9 kg


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