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Paipu | Dainelli Studio

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Simple and decisive lines. Paipu is a dining table designed by Dainelli Studio, available in two versions, round and oval, with an evocative taste that recalls the diktats of the high-tech architecture of the 70s, where all the piping and structural elements were transferred to the facades and left entirely exposed.

The curved steel tubes that make up the base confer movement and rigour to the project, in a dialogue of harmonic contrast with the richness of the precious marble top. The sizeable diameter of the steel pipes that make up the base conveys a feeling of solidity but at the same time of visual softness, given by the total absence of edges. In the  round version the table is supported by a single base with tubes arranged in a cross, while the oval version is supported by a double base with tubes arranged in a “t” shape.

The essentiality of shape and volumes makes Paipu a table suitable for both residential and contract spaces.

Round and oval table with a base in curved steel tubes finished in brushed dark grey. Marble or back-painted glass top.

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