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MEA | Alessandro Dubini

MEA | Alessandro Dubini

MEA AR | FG 462.00

MEA C | FG 462.05

MEA H AR | FG 461.00

The Mea collection brings together the warmth of leather and rounded curves with the precision of metal and is perfect for the most elegant offices, domestic spaces, and studies. The variety of models, bases, and mechanism customizations pave the way for a wide range of finished products.

The Mea AR is part of the collection with the same name, upholstered in leather with a cold-cure polyurethane shell. This armchair is unique due to its polished chrome central base: swiveling, five-wheeled legs, with pneumatic height and tilt mechanisms.


MEA AR.png
mea h ar.png
MEA C.png
mea hc.png


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