In 1924, Poul Henningsen created his influential Paris lamp for Louis Poulsen, and the origin of how we still design to shape light can directly be traced back to his views on the dualities of design and light.

Founded in 1874, Louis Poulsen is a Danish lighting manufacturer born out of the Scandinavian design tradition where form follows function. The function and design of our products are tailored to reflect and support the rhythm of natural light. Every detail in the design has a purpose. Every design starts and ends with light.

We believe in passionate craftsmanship that produces quality lighting and design products that are pleasing to the eye and to the light.

In close partnership with designers, architects and other talents like Poul Henningsen, Arne Jacobsen, Verner Panton, Øivind Slaatto, Alfred Homann, Oki Sato and Louise Campbell, we have established ourselves as one of the key global suppliers of architectural and decorative lighting. Defying traditional product categories, our products serve and span the professional and private lighting markets for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Our means are simple and beautiful design. Our purpose is to create an attractive ambience that affects people and spaces.

We design to shape light.

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Poul Henningsen developed the PH 5 in 1958 as a follow-up to his celebrated three-shade system, which launched in 1926 and put Louis Poulsen on the map as a leading manufacturer of innovative lighting. Henningsen’s goal: to make light softer and more flattering in an era when electric lighting was still new and marked by unwanted glare.

o celebrate the PH 5’s anniversary, Louis Poulsen has released the lamp in the same vibrant colour range as the recently launched PH 5 Mini: Classic, a new Modern White, and six bold colour combinations – Hues of Orange, Hues of Rose, Hues of Red, Hues of Green, Hues of Blue and Hues of Grey.




We based our original Toldbod Pendant on the philosophy that the simpler the design, the greater its flexibility. The Toldbod 120 colour range pushes this concept even further with a subdued new palette of fresh, modern hues.

A suite of sophisticated new colours gives the 120 mm Toldbod an even more versatile profile, in line with contemporary aesthetics and design trends.

The precise, familiar pendant hangs comfortably on its own – and works beautifully in multiples. Like it in a single hue? Perfect. A mixed palette? That works too, as do solo, in-a-row, or scattered arrangements. This ability to work together was an essential consideration in developing the new colour suite: the Black, White, Dark Rose, Light Grey, and Blue-Grey options cover a wide range, yet belong to the same visual family, playing off one another to create a dynamic array.

Toldbod 120 is a natural fit for a variety of architectural styles and environments, from kitchens, dining and living rooms to hallways, offices and bedrooms – and discreet enough to work with other fittings. However it’s styled, the classic form opens up new possibilities and inspires us to reimagine our spaces.



Meet Cirque's softer side. Clara von Zweigbergk’s whimsical Cirque pendant makes a new appearance – shedding its original, bright colour stripes for subtle grey gradients that highlight the lamp’s unforgettable form.

Cirque provides beautiful, soft and atmospheric lighting, its distinctive form and matt white interior ensuring direct, downward light distribution.

Clara Von Zweigbergk also points to a special reflective effect: “When you hang the pendant over a surface, the light reflects back from that surface both into the surroundings and onto the lamp itself, resulting in yet another colour combination on the lamp’s contours.”

While its matt, painted finish creates a soft look and feel, the pendant is in fact made of aluminium. Sturdy and easy to maintain, the design is ideal for kitchens (particularly above tables, bars or islands), children’s bedrooms, entryways, and living and dining areas. The pendant can be hung individually or suspended in rows or clusters.



Futuristic yet familiar: the NJP in Light Alu Grey. Conceived as a new interpretation of the classic architect’s lamp, the popular NJP family expands with a soft, versatile Light Alu Grey version for forward-thinking modern interiors.

In designing the NJP lamp, nendo’s Oki Sato sought to unite a sense of instant recognition with the appeal of the never-before-seen. The resulting design achieves just that, pairing an organic-shaped head with a geometric stem, and adding ultra-adjustable arm joints and a hidden timer function.

The new Light Alu Grey sequel to the original black and white versions shows a softer side of the minimalist NJP, beautifully balancing the inherent coolness of metal and the warmth of an inviting, soft grey.

In both design and functionality, the NJP serves as an ideal task light for work spaces, bedrooms, and living areas, bringing versatility and simple, elegant, user-centric design.


shines bright in chrome

A new chrome edition of Verner Panton’s head-turning sculptural lamp enters the scene, reflecting its surroundings and enlivening even the smallest nooks with its gleaming, elegant new profile.

The chrome Panthella MINI’s metallic finish is known for its brilliant decorative results and flawless, easy-to-maintain surface.

The Panthella MINI provides adjustable, high-quality light with built-in-LED technology. Stepless dimming offers easy adjustability from 15 to 100%, and the light can be set to turn on at the desired brightness level. The light also features a timer that can be set to turn the lamp off after 4 or 8 hours.

The Panthella MINI’s smaller format, with a compact 250 mm diameter and 335 mm height, makes for easy placement on window sills, shelves, tables or other limited surfaces. The new shades are white on the inside and direct the light downwards, where it is reflected up and out into the room from the trumpet-shaped foot.

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