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A luxury rug is not just decoration, not only an addition to your building. It is a testimonial in taste and character that expresses who you are. Therefore JoV takes your rug very personal, shaping all your wishes into an exclusive and unique piece that is 100% quality. That is 100% you.

The story of your JoV rug begins in nature, where we only pick the finest raw materials: wool. silk, linen, mohair, cotton... Their unique qualities - down to the tiniest part - will give each rug its strong, pure and beautiful heart.

And with the same respect for quality and detail we listen to all your wishes and desires. Together we open a world of possibilities to find your perfect match in material, color, design, shape... Being part of each production step, JoV presents an unrivalled flexibility - all the way from timing to delivery - to create an exclusive luxury rug that will complement you.

​JoV rugs are hand-tufted, handwoven, hand-knotted or hand-knitted with the utmost precision and the greatest care for even the smallest detail. Each rug takes our expert craftsmen 4 to 5 hours per square meter to create

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