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GIMLE | Jens Landberg Schrøder

GIMLE | Jens Landberg Schrøder

Hand-woven rug

With three new golden and soft natural colours, the popular, classic design Gimle now comes in an exciting range drawing from the Scandinavian natural colour palette. The soft leaf green Willow, golden burnt Cork, and the autumn faded rose Maple harmoniously cover the range of a leaf’s natural defoliation. Each shade compliments the thick flat pile quality and the stunning two-shade mottling effect on the hand-woven rug in New Zealand wool. With seven different colour combinations, Gimle is extremely versatile when decorating a home.

The hand-woven rug in New Zealand wool on cotton warp, reversible

Made to measure

New colours willow, maple and cork are now on stock

Sizes: 140x200 cm, 170x240 cm, 200x300 cm

Colors: 1511 black/off white, 1215 off white/black, 1011 white/off white, 1818 willow, 3030 maple, 5252 cork, 1211 beige/grey

As most of our rugs are unique and hand-made, the size can vary slightly from the ordered size (+/- 4%).

Irregularities in colour and weaving are characteristics of hand-made rugs.


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