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HAMMOCK ARMCHAIR | Rene Gonzalez Architects

HAMMOCK ARMCHAIR | Rene Gonzalez Architects

Lounge chair.
The Hammock series also includes a sun bed.

Structure: AISI 316 gloss varnished stainless steel (reference colours: Mano Lucida wood sample collection), plastic spacers.

Upholstery: fixed, in
– Maris fabric
– hand made net produced with elements in braid in Rope yarn in solid colours or in two-colours combinations.

A headrest is necessary for complete seating comfort.

Headrest: removable, padding in polyester fibre, insert in stress resistant polyurethane, fixed cover in waterproofed polyester.
Headrest upholstery: removable and available in the fabrics Luz, Rope T, Brio, Thea or Wara.

The upholstery net in Rope cord can be made in one single colour or in pre-established combinations of more colours, each composed of 4 related colour hues.

This product can be used also in interior environments.

We advise to use a Winter Set protection cover.

Awards: the lounge chair Hammock has won the Best of Year 2020 Award, in the category Outdoor Seating.




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