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COLLAGE 450 | Louise Campbell

AJ ROYAL | Arne Jacobsen

The fixture emits diffuse light directed primarily downwards. The patterns on the three lasercut acrylic shades have been carefully staggered with the aim of eliminating unpleasant glare from the light source. The patterns differ between the shades, resulting in different perceptions of light and shadow depending on the viewing angle. A soft and comfortable light will be obtained by mounting the lower antiglare shade.

Product description

Suspended shade luminaire
Concentric shades ensure minimal direct view of lamp
Intricate cutouts of shades create organic illumination pattern
Iconic design
Family of two dimensions


Shades rest on 3 horizontal struts.
Can be mounted on 4” octagonal junction box. (USA only)

Light description

Primarily directs light down
Optional top and bottom glare shields of translucent white acrylic available.


Shades: Laser cut cast acrylic in four subtle colors.
Internal struts of matte aluminum.
Socket: Porcelain, medium base, for A-19 frosted envelope lamps.
Canopy: 5.3” diameter x 0.9” tall cone of spun aluminum.
Cable: white PVC coated, 8 ft. (USA)
Upper stem of matte aluminum ensures horizontal level.




White matt




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