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BAK CT | Ferruccio Laviani

BAK CT | Ferruccio Laviani

BAK CT | FG 442.01

This collection is intended for bedrooms, as well as the most refined living rooms and dining rooms. Bak defines a whole new world in our catalog, paving the way for a new direction and stylistic concept. This range, with its geometric and decorative imprint, includes a bench, dining table, coffee table, clothes valet, and bookcase.

The Bak CT is a small table with a lacquered brushed steel frame and a square woodchip top covered with a walnut veneer. The base of the coffee table is embellished with soft leather details.

BAK CT H | FG 442.02

The stylistic feature of the repetitive, crossed and re-sized metallic rectangular frame distinguishes the Bak collection. This is expressed in different forms to create a bookcase, a clothes stand, a dining table, a coffee table, and a bench, breathing life into geometric and architectural forms with a concession to the ornate leather details.

The high version of the square-topped coffee table in the Bak collection, the Bak CT H maintains the design of the base which typifies this range, with its brushed lacquered steel and leather inserts. The chipboard table-top is covered with a walnut veneer, forms a chessboard pattern.


BAK CT.png
BAK CT H.png


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