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ATELIER | Mist-o

ATELIER | Mist-o

The Atelier range has a strong geometric character, inspired by painters’ easels. The base with its generous, sculptural look, features a design made up of crossed steel components, and forms both frame and ornament for this range, producing a high aesthetic impact.

ATELIER 160 | FG 468.50

The Atelier 140 is the round model in this range of tables defined by their geometric lacquered brushed steel base. The lacquered MDF top with manual finish in cement composite with material effects, available in the colours of the collection. 

ATELIER 240 | FG 468.00

ATELIER 300 | FG 468.01

The Atelier has a lacquered MDF top with a manual finish in cement composite in the colours of the collection, which define the opulent material effects. The base is made of a geometric form composed of brushed lacquered steel plates.


ATELIER 140.png
ATELIER 240.png
ATELIER 300.png


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