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ARTU' | Michele di Fonzo

ARTU' 160 | FG 494.00

ARTU' 180 | FG 494.01

ARTU' 200 | FG 494.02

Artù is the archetypal round dining table. With its impressive shape and distinguished appearance, it is suitable for the most luxurious dining areas and elegant meeting rooms. The base of the table consists of a square-cut cone upholstered in soft leather, enhanced by a burnished brass base and profiling. It is a piece with a strong personality that makes an immediate statement.

The base of the Artù table is covered in leather and metallic details with a brushed brass finish. The top - available in marble from our collection - can be enhanced with a marble rotating Lazy Susan accessory available upon request.


ARTU 180.png
ARTU 180.png
ARTU 200.png


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