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AJ TABLE | Arne Jacobsen

AJ FLOOR | Arne Jacobsen

Product description

Terse and iconic design
A semi-conical fixture head.
An arm fixed to a round mounting box holds the fixture head.
Fixture head pivots to direct light as needed.
Different colour variants.
Is a member of a product family for both outdoor and indoor.


Portable fixture plugs into a standard wall outlet.

Light description

The fixture emits glare-free, directed light.
Terse and iconic design
Combined direct and indirect light ensures directed light with soft shadows
The shade is painted white on the inside to ensure a soft comfortable light distribution.


Fixture head and wall box: spun steel, 1.5mm (0.06”) thick, wet painted.
Arm: extruded steel, 1.5mm (0.06”) thick, wet painted.
Base: cast zinc plated steel, 1.5mm (0.06”) thick.
Switch: on/off, phenolic, on base.
Socket: Porcelain, a medium base for A-19, frosted envelope lamps.


Min: 2.134 kg Max: 3.117 kg


Aubergine, Black, Dark green, Dark grey, Light Grey, Midnight blue, Pale Petroleum, Rusty red, Stainless steel polished, White, Yellow ochre


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