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ABOVE | Mads Odgård

ABOVE | Mads Odgård

The fixture emits a soft comfortable downlight. The conical shape and the matt, white-painted inside help assure even distribution of the light. The opening in the top of the fixture provides decorative illumination of the arch above and ensures that the fixture retains the full expression of its visual shape both when illuminated and when switched off.


Ø400 & 550 LED: Compatible with leading and trailing edge mains dimmers. Please note that low power consumption on some products can affect dimming properties. Ø400 & 550 LED variants are delivered with antiglare shade included. For all other variants, the antiglare shade can be purchased as an accessory.


Shade: Spun aluminum.

Light source

Light source 1x100W E27


Suspension type: Cable 2x0,75mm² (Ø175/250) Cable 2x1,00mm² (Ø400 E27) Cable 2x1,5mm² (Ø400 LED). Cable 2x0,75mm² with wire (Ø550). Canopy: Yes. LED canopy contains driver. Cable length: 3m (Ø175/250/400 (E27)), 4m (Ø400 (LED)/Ø550).


White, matt or Black, matt, wet painted.


Ingress protection IP20. Electric shock protection II w/o ground (E27). Electric shock protection I w. ground. (LED)


Sizes and weights

Width x Height x Length (mm)

550 x 660 x 550 Max 5.4 kg

175 x 210 x 175 Max 0.6 kg

250 x 300 x 250 Max 1.0 kg

400 x 480 x 400 Max 4.0 kg


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